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Data Scientist needed to build Business Intelligence in Tableau


Data Science and Analytics


Data Mining

Detailed description:

We operate a big chat platform with thousands of messages being sent every day.
What we need is a Data Scientist who understands the most important KPIs, can autonomously dig into all the data we have, find patterns and indicators of how to improve the algorithms and in the end the KPIs to improve the business overall.

It's a very challenging task, as our system works with a lot of complicated algorithms which produces a lot of live data to work with (and of course logs to look into what happened when).

What we need from you:

  • Experience and very good skills in understanding, connecting and visualising data
  • Fantastic skills with Tableau + MySQL
  • Great skills with Mixpanel
  • a good understanding of both subscription and coin based business models
  • a deep understanding of how to analyse user behaviour based on cohorts
  • a deep understanding of onboarding funnels and user experience funnels in general

Furthermore it would be great if you had experience
- with chat related products
- with Experience A/B testing using tools like Launchdarkly

The job will be mostly about:
- Creating a full Business Intelligence Dashboard in Tableau which gives us insights and overview into/over the areas finances, marketing, product, ...
- Creating a weekly report displaying the most important KPIs, their development over time, the reasons for why they develop that way from the data perspective, recommendations for action to improve on those most important KPIs
- Controlling all user experience experiments in Launchdarkly, taking the right technics and measurements to evaluate the experiments in a statistical solid way and finding the 'winning setting' for each experiment as soon as the statistical evidence is strong enough
- Building all kinds of Funnels, Calculations, go-to-tools in Tableau and Mixpanel to understand the user behaviour and the change of user behaviour in the best possible way

Skills Required:
Data Mining, Data Visualisation, MySql, Tableau, Javascript
Event created at Apr 1, 2020

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