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Jupyter Notebooks python scripts creation (Data Science)

We are expanding our use of Jupyter notebooks and need a number of resources to help us with:

  • Notebook creation and editing (using Python and Markdown)
  • Data manipulation (using Pandas)
  • Data visualisation (using Javascript APIS)
  • Creation of data injection pipelines
  • Creation of management reports using curated Notebooks
  • Graphs creation, manipulation and visualisation

Our Jupyter environment has access to all the data we have in Jira, and a number of the tasks will based around visualising and manipulating of that data
We need proactive and self managing resources, that are able to just "get on with it", and provide fast turn around of deliverables .

Important: All work and collaboration will occur via Slack, Jira and of course Jupyter Notebooks

Experience Level Required:
Skills Required:
Data Visualisation, Slack, Jira
Annonce créée 1 avr. 2020

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